Alpin Loacker in Bozen, Austria

Alpin Loacker

Austrian outdoor apparel brand, Alpin Loacker, is dedicated to the environment. In addition to using organic and natural ingredients for their clothing, the brand donates one euro from every purchase to a charity. The clothing is soft, breathable, and made from recycled materials. The company also uses recyclable bottles and lunch boxes.

It focuses on trustworthiness, top quality, and sustainability

Alpin Loacker is an Austrian brand that focuses on sustainability, trustworthiness, and top quality. The company supports environmental projects and donates one euro from each purchase to charity. Its products are made of recycled materials and contain high amounts of merino wool, which is soft and breathable. Alpin Loacker also uses recycled materials in its packaging, from bottles to lunch boxes.

To ensure the highest quality, Alpin Loacker uses the best ingredients, and carefully processes its products without using artificial additives. As part of its commitment to sustainability, the company has recently earned Non-GMO Project Verification. Additionally, it has engaged in a sustainable farming program, pledging to engage 600 acres in fertilizer optimization by 2022.

It uses only top-quality grains

In making its delicious snacks, Austrian company Alpin Loacker uses only the highest-quality grains and ingredients. Its products have no synthetic materials and contain a high percentage of merino wool, a natural, soft material. Its reusable glass bottles contain no harmful pollutants and its lunch boxes are made from recyclable materials. They use a unique blend of artisan chocolate, nuts, and seeds from sustainable sources.

It has five Loacker Cafes in the region

Bozen: The Loacker Café Bozen is located directly on the Waltherplatz, offering unique coffee, locker Loacker Cremen, and salted snacks. You can also expect a variety of special offers. Whether you’re after a light snack or a full breakfast, the café will provide the perfect place to start your day.

Italy: There are five Loacker Cafes located throughout the region, offering a wide variety of food and beverages. The restaurants and cafes are operated in historic buildings and are a mix of retail stores and confectionery. Loacker also produces its chocolates and other branded products.

Alpin Loacker is an Austrian company that prides itself on its sustainable and ethical practices. The company donates one euro of profits from every purchase to environmental initiatives. It also uses a high percentage of merino wool in its clothing, making it both breathable and soft. Additionally, the company uses recycled materials when possible.

It distributes products branded by Lorenz, Pema, Twinings, and Darbo in Italy

Based in South Tyrol, Italy, Alpin Loacker produces wafers and chocolates. It has two production sites and distributes its products through wholesalers and smaller distributors. The company also has its stores. The company also runs five Loacker Cafes, which combine a confectionery store and a bakery. The company’s products are distributed worldwide.

The company is known for producing Napolitaner-flavored wafers. The name of the wafers comes from the hazelnuts used to flavor them. These were formerly sourced from plantations near Naples. The company has developed four sustainability pathways to improve its supply chain.


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