Fixing The Toilet Lid: How To Remove The Old And Install A New Toilet Seat

Fixing The Toilet Lid

You don’t need to call a plumber to replace a broken lid or cracked seat. The design of modern devices is such that any person can handle its installation; even the usual tools are not needed for installation. To give you a better idea of ​​how to properly remove the seat from the toilet, we offer a brief instruction with a photo.

Toilet seat replacement instructions

First, buy a new kit, which should be exactly the same size as the old model. After analyzing the cause of the breakdown, you will understand which device is better to replace. For example, if the place where the lid is attached has burst or the plastic has lost its original appearance, rubbed and cracked – consider replacing cheap plastic with a more durable Duroplast.

Then remove the old seat by unscrewing the two nuts threaded on the long bolts.

If the design is very ancient and cannot be manually unscrewed, try using pliers (for nuts – a wrench), in extreme cases, cut it with a hacksaw

After removing the old seat, tidy up the fixing point of the new set (seat + cover).

The place to which the seat is attached is located near the drain tank. In some cases, it makes sense at the same time to carry out preventive maintenance of the drain mechanism and check the reliability of the fastening of the tank so that there are no smudges

When the attachment point is completely ready, unpack the new kit.

Budget model made of plastic: the kit includes a pair of seat / cover and two mounting bolts with nuts. Insert the bolts first into the holes in the lid (instead of the holes there may be special grooves that allow you to adjust the position of the product), then into the holes on the toilet shelf. Tighten the nuts.

Plastic fasteners must be handled very carefully: with insufficient twisting, the structure will move in different directions, with too much pressure, the fasteners may not withstand and burst.

This is the procedure for fixing a simple device. If you bought a model with a microlift or automation, carefully follow the attached instructions. There are models that require the connection of electricity and plumbing.

How to remove the seat from the toilet?

Dismantling the seat and how to tighten toilet seat are usually carried out without any problems. However, sometimes you have to tinker. It all depends on what kind of mount you used:

  • Plastic bolts: Usually there are no problems with them, they unwind easily. If there are difficulties with unwinding, then it is enough to heat a sharp knife red-hot and cut off the bolt.
  • Brass fasteners: also untwist without much difficulty. If the bolt is still jammed, a couple of drops of kerosene are enough for the brass fasteners to be dismantled quickly and with a minimum of effort.
  • Steel: These are the ones you have to deal with the most. Strictly speaking, it is undesirable to use steel fasteners in a bathroom or bathroom. They quickly rust from high humidity. If you try to dismantle them, problems may arise.


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