Toilet For The Sick And The Elderly: What To Look For When Buying

Toilet For The Sick And The Elderly

A very important task facing medical workers and relatives is to properly and competently organize a toilet for the sick and the elderly. It is necessary to provide comfortable conditions and comply with all sanitary and hygienic requirements. The choice of a particular type of toilet depends on the physical condition of the patient and his financial situation.

Equipment requirements

Toilet equipment also consists in the selection of plumbing and additional devices.

Toilet selection

The toilet for wheelchair users should be 10 cm – 20 cm (depending on the dimensions of the person and the wheelchair) higher than usual (the height of standard toilet bowls is 40 cm – 45 cm.

For people with disabilities, it is recommended to select toilets with a height of 50 cm – 65 cm). This allows you to more comfortably change from one device to another. The most common model is the Jika high toilet.

High toilet for the disabled

For the convenience of a disabled person, you can purchase a special toilet equipped with disabled toilet grab rails heights that can be adjusted accordingly.

Special plumbing for the disabled

As a rule, special plumbing equipment is supplemented with options such as automatic lifting of the cover from the seat, hygienic shower, seat heating, which leads to an increase in the cost of the device.

If for some reason it is impossible to install a separate compact toilet for the disabled, then you can use special nozzles installed on standard plumbing equipment.

The toilet seat, as a rule, is made of hygienic plastic, does not absorb unpleasant odors, is easy to remove and install, and easy to clean. Currently released:

  • Nozzles that allow you to increase the height of sanitary equipment. Such devices are not equipped with handrails to facilitate getting up and down and are used for minor health problems. The equipment is installed using spacers or suction cups.

Toilet height extender

Nozzles, supplemented by stationary or folding handrails. Such equipment is intended for people with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system, the elderly and the disabled.

In most cases, handrails are made of aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. To protect the user from slipping hands, the handrails can be supplemented with foam pads.

Plumbing nozzle complete with handrails

If you do not need to increase the height of the plumbing, then you can purchase a special handrail nozzle. Handrail nozzle for the disabled in the toilet is made of aluminum. As a rule, the support legs of the device are telescopic, which allows you to adjust the height of the nozzle. The design is mounted on the floor and rests on the toilet seat.

Sink selection

A washstand for people with disabilities is installed at a level of 75 cm – 85 cm from the floor surface. To increase the level of comfort during use, the design of the sink should be such that the wheelchair user can easily drive up to the equipment and perform hygiene procedures.


  • Standard sinks with a shallow bowl depth, a shelf for placing soap accessories and a recess from the front
  • Sink for wheelchair users
  • Sinks with handrails. The device allows you to reach the necessary accessories, including those located in lockers

Washbasin with handrails

  • Sink with tilt function. The special device can be manually or pneumatically controlled.
  • Washbasin with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination
  • If necessary, any equipment on one or both sides can be supplemented with separate handrails.

Washbasin with separate rails

It is more expedient to supplement the sink with one of the following types of mixers:

  • A single-lever mixer with an elongated spout, which is simple and easy to operate compared to two-valve devices
  • Mixer with one control lever
  • Sensor mixer with built-in temperature sensor


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