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If you’ve ever played football betting, you must also admit that losing mostly comes from choosing the wrong match—a trap set by the house. So, what is an example? When playing, how to recognize and avoid betting.The following article, we will have a couple of very specific answers on how to bet in Kenya with 22Bet.

What is an example?

The example bet, also known by many other names such as the rotten bet, the trap bet, is a type of bet offered by the house that makes it easy for players to think about the value of benefits that can be received, leading to selection and loss. The attraction of the bet is extremely large because it has a very high payout rate.

Each bookmaker has a strong team of experts who analyze psychology and offer enticements along with manipulative tricks that affect the psychology of players, making them easily shaken. Although betting is both for entertainment and to increase income, without experience and knowledge, losing is predictable.

How to Recognize an Example When Betting on Football

Pay attention to the rafters: the odds, the odds table, and the bonus that the house offers will be the parameters that players need to pay attention to. Never see a large sum of money and choose to keep it.You should only choose bets with small fluctuations, because often these will provide greater safety. In addition, players should consider placing bets a few minutes before the match. Because this time is considered safe, the player will limit the risk of getting caught in a trap, with the information that he has, which is more accurate.

Through words: What is the information that the example offers, Is it accurate, consistent with what you know, or did you find it out? The answer is no, so, you know, it’s a swindle? On the contrary, you should also be careful when choosing.

Observing fluctuations is something that players must pay attention to and keep up with on a regular basis.It will help players get the most accurate judgments. The house bets often have strong fluctuations and are very unpredictable, especially at the time of the upcoming match.

through specific numbers; the current example is no longer simple and easy to recognize. It is cleverly and carefully concealed, and the displayed parameters can create trust, making it easy for players to blindly trust and choose. What is seen and observed is not correct, but it is impossible not to choose.

Experience avoiding the house’s lure when playing football betting

Choose a reputable bookmaker

A reputable bookie will be the best place to help ensure the rights and interests of players to the fullest extent. The information provided will also be more accurate, allowing the player to make more informed bet choices.

Compare the odds of many bookmakers before officially betting

Different bookmakers will offer different odds on the same match. Take the time to learn and compare the odds of many bookmakers, so that you can spot the unusual and make the right choice.

Choose the right time to bet

Many players choose the wrong time to bet, leading to a higher probability of getting a bet than usual. Many experienced bettors believe that the best time to bet is when the house is new and the odds are the most standard.

Look carefully

In fact, it is not easy to determine what is a good bet and what is an example, even for a real gambler. So, be cautious and examine the odds carefully.

+ Discover two teams

+ Performance

+ Confrontation history and head-to-head outcomes

+ strategies for competing…


Above is all the content that we want to share with readers. Hopefully, it will help players avoid the trap effectively. Good luck and success to all players!


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