12 Tips To Look Your Best During Your Beach Resort Vacation

With summer fast approaching, many are looking forward to using their vacation days and taking a little trip. Visiting a beach resort can be a wonderful way to spend your time, whether you’re lying out in the sand, enjoying the entertainment or dining on delicious meals. Keeping certain tips in mind can help you look your best during your beach resort vacation, no matter what activities you’re engaging in.

1. Bring Versatile Shapewear

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If you’re planning on wearing shapewear for women during your beach resort vacation, make sure what you’re bringing is versatile enough to wear with several outfits. Going with a versatile option means you won’t have to worry about packing multiple selections, and you’ll be able to be prepared for and feel great in all of your ensembles.

2. Pack Multiple Bathing Suits

Chances are you’re going to spend quite a bit of time in your bathing suit, so bring at least a few stylish, comfortable options. Consider bringing one for each day you’re at the beach resort. It may seem excessive, but swimsuits for women are thin enough that they won’t take up much luggage room, and you have your choice of which one you feel like wearing that day.

3. Bring Pieces That Do Double Duty

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Maximize your luggage space as much as possible by packing clothing items that can do double duty while also helping you look fantastic. For example, if you bring a black spaghetti strap bodycon dress, you can wear it as-is one day and put an A-line skirt over it the next, giving you two outfits without having to pack an extra top.

4. Carry a Stylish Tote Bag

Rather than carrying a standard carry-on, replace it with a fabulous tote bag that can complement several outfits during your days and evenings at the beach resort. Opt for ones with a beachy vibe, such as those composed of rattan.

5. Choose Versatile Cover-Ups

Bring cover-ups that complement as many of your bathing suits as possible. They provide you with fantastic looks but are lightweight enough that they won’t take up a huge amount of room in your bag.

6. Check Dress Codes

Checking dress codes for where you want to go at the beach resort is essential for looking your best. You don’t want to underdress (or overdress), and many places may not let you in if what you’re wearing doesn’t match their rules. Research ahead of time so that you can pick the perfect outfits you love.

7. Pack Formal Attire

You’re likely bringing plenty of casual attire but don’t forget something to wear for an evening out. Even if you think you won’t need it, it’s best to bring at least one such item anyway. Whether you opt for a fabulous pants suit or a gorgeous dress, you’ll be prepared if plans change, and you won’t have to worry about buying a formal outfit at the resort.

8. Bring Multiple Pairs of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just sun protection. They can be ideal accessories that serve as finishing touches for many outfits. However, it can be easy to lose and/or break them. Choose sunglasses that you feel great wearing but won’t be devastated if they don’t end up going back home with you.

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9. Pack Lightweight Pieces That Won’t Wrinkle

Part of feeling good and looking great is wearing clothes that reflect your specific style and that usually doesn’t involve fabric with unintended creases or wrinkles. No one wants to worry about getting wrinkles out of their clothing while on vacation, so bring pieces where that won’t be a concern. For example, you can bring items like patterned maxi dresses, denim shorts and lightweight rayon pants. You can get several outfits out of each, and you won’t have to worry about them creasing or wrinkling.

10. Opt for Flat Sandals

You’ll likely find yourself wearing flat sandals much more often than heels or sneakers during your beach resort vacation. Bring flats that can complement daytime looks as well as formal ensembles. Pack at least a few pairs that you adore, are comfortable for you to walk in, and will look phenomenal with all of your outfits.

11. Bring Travel-Sized Products

Bring travel sizes of the products you use on a daily basis, such as shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, sunscreen, body lotion and toothpaste. You may not feel satisfied using products from the resort and/or products you’ve never used before, especially if you tend to have skin sensitivities. Don’t forget to check airplane rules for carrying travel-sized products. You don’t want to pack all your favorite products only to be told you’ll have to throw some out because you went over the limit.

12. Check the Weather Before You Leave

Unfortunately, the weather might not cooperate every day you’re at the beach resort. It may even switch at the last minute. If conditions change, such as the temperatures being colder than you anticipated or a forecast for rain, you can adjust your clothing choices accordingly. Checking the weather before you leave will help you dress appropriately for the weather.

Looking Your Best to Enjoy Your Beach Resort Vacation

While the pieces you bring obviously play an important role in looking phenomenal during your beach resort vacation, your comfort is also significant. Many people who are uncomfortable with what they’re sporting tend to have that discomfort reflected all over their faces. Confidence is key. When you feel gorgeous in what you’re wearing, that can radiate through and help you look your absolute best.