5 Most Effective Tips To Make Your Shoes Toenail Fungus Free


According to a study, it has been found that toenail fungus affects approximately 12% of the world’s population! 

These people get their treatment done but after a few days, they complain that they have developed this condition again! 

Well, it must be because they destroyed the fungus from their body but not from the source of bacteria. 

In most cases, the source of nail fungus is your dirty and sweaty shoes. 

If you don’t eliminate the source of the bacteria then it doesn’t matter what treatment you get, it all will be useless since the root of the infection is still alive. 

So, if you want to put an end to this never-ending cycle then, just clean your shoes soon! 

So, do you have a nail fungus that returns constantly? If that’s the case, then this post is for you.

Since, here are some of the best tips to make your shoes nail fungus-free! We will take care of your shoes while your doctor from ArabiaMD takes care of your nails. 

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you have used home remedies to get rid of your previous toenail fungus then you must have used baking soda or vinegar! 

And fortunately, for your shoe’s treatment, we are going to use the same ingredients. 

Sprinkle a little baking soda into the pair of your shoes but make sure to do this when you aren’t going out. 

The baking soda will eliminate the moisture and odor this will create a terrible environment for the bacteria. 

If you want to use vinegar, take a spraying bottle and fill it with vinegar, and then spray it inside your both shoes. 

Vinegar will prevent the growth and formation of future fungal spores. Do not worry about the smell of the vinegar, once it’s dried out the smell will go away along with all the bacteria.  

2. Disinfectant Spray

If you chose the medical treatment instead of home remedies then your doctor must have prescribed you an antifungal or disinfectant spray. 

We can use this against the bacteria since it’s an antibacterial spray which means it will make sure to eliminate all the germs! 

Simply spray it inside your shoes after and before wearing them and see the magic.

If you didn’t choose a medical treatment then don’t worry, because these disinfectant sprays are easily available in medical stores. 

3.UV Shoe Sanitizer

Shoe Sanitizers aren’t old devices, but they are really reliable! 

A UV shoe sanitizer is a small device that you can insert inside your shoes and eliminate all the bacteria along with the awful odor. 

These sanitizers emit ultraviolet light that destroys all kinds of bacteria, germs, microbes, and fungi. 

Make sure to leave it inside your shoes for at least 30 minutes for the best results! 

If you use it with your antibacterial spray then you will notice even better results as the spray will keep away the fungus and sanitizer will destroy all the hidden bacteria. 

4. Antifungal Detergent

We normally use detergent for laundry, but this time we will use it to wash your shoes! 

Using antifungal detergent to get rid of nail fungus from your shoes is a simple and effective way since it will not only make your shoe fungus-free but it will eradicate the bad smell too! 

However, before you use any detergent for this task make sure it’s antifungal or it wouldn’t be able to destroy the problem. 

They are easily available at any nearest grocery store but if they aren’t then you should search for them online. 

5. Changing Shoes and Socks Often

Although you have made your shoe nail fungus-free there’s one more important step is left and its changing your shoes constantly. 

You must change them, especially if your feet sweat a lot during the day. 

The moisture created by your sweat can highly increase the chances of nail fungus returning.

Since it’s bacteria is always looking for moist and dark places like your shoes.  

So, if you are an athlete or sweat a lot then make sure to carry two pairs of shoes and change them throughout the day. 

Do the same thing with your socks since wet socks also increase the chances of bacteria.

Also remember, it doesn’t mean at all that if you get a nail fungus, you should just rely to remedies and precautions, in fact, it is very important to get a check up done from a good Podiatrist.

Is Bleach Good For This Task?

Some people may recommend you to use bleach to wash your shoes but do not use it. 

It may help you get rid of those bacteria easily but it isn’t great for your skin and shoes at all. 

Bleach contains Chlorine which can cause serious injuries like chemical burns and it can ruin the appearance of your shoes as well. 

It can even cause you allergies which can lead to permanent damage to your nerves and tissues. 

When Should I Wash My Shoes?

Now you know how should you wash your shoes and what products you should use, but there’s another important thing you need to know and it’s the right time of cleaning your boots. 

Shoes are always packed, moist and dark which creates a perfect environment for nail fungus to grow, which means it doesn’t matter how clean you keep them there are still chances it may infect you. 

However, if you know the right time of cleaning them you can avoid future toenail fungus! 

You should wash them when they stink! 

A bad odor is a huge sign that some bacteria and fungi are growing inside your shoe. 

Whenever they start stinking wash them right away and keep them in sunlight so that bacteria can go away easily. 

You should wash them after the treatment of your nail fungus as well, maybe they are still there waiting for you to insert your leg in an infected shoe.  


Washing your shoes multiple times may sound like a difficult task but at least it’s better than suffering from nail fungus! 

You can use the tips listed above to make your shoe nail fungus free but make sure to avoid the use of bleach or you may damage your skin. 

Lastly, wash your shoes whenever they start smelling bad or after your nail fungus treatment is done. 


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