A Complete Guide for Choosing Chemo Sleep Hats

chemo sleep hats

Chemotherapy is necessary for many cancer patients to lessen their symptoms and prolong their lives. But hair loss is one of the devastating side effects of it. Meanwhile, many people see their hair as a source of confidence, so losing it can be emotionally challenging. Yet, many are so affected that they also struggle to get restful sleep; this is when they need cosy chemo sleep hats or caps. They are created especially for women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy. Also, numerous oncologists recommend using these caps. 

So, this article summarises all the information you need to know about chemo hats. Hence, read further to learn about them:

Qualities That Align With a Good Chemo Sleep Hat

Proper Fit 

A proper fit is an essential quality to look for in a chemo sleep hat. Meanwhile, most users said they had to give complete coverage, so it has to be deep enough to cover the entire scalp and neck for the patient to feel comfortable.

Smooth Fabric 

A soft fabric option is best because cancer treatments cause the head to become dry and sensitive. Meanwhile, chemo hats are available in cotton, bamboo, lycra, polyester, silk, and other materials. And with so many options, one can decide based on the local weather.

Seamless Stitches

Sometimes, the seams of chemo hats are rough, as it is manufactured to ensure it does not slip away from the head. However, it can irritate the tender skin and may even cause infection. So a quality chemo hat should have seamless stitches.

What Is There a Need for Such Hats?

You would have heard about chemotherapy, while specific drugs are used in this treatment to eradicate cancer cells from the body. In the meantime, medical professionals treat a variety of cancers, including some forms of leukaemia and lymphoma. Also, breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain tumours are just a few examples of solid tumours that chemotherapy can cure.

Chemotherapy medications are given intravenously or orally via an infusion pump connected to an IV bag, and through a pump,  the drug is sent directly into the bloodstream. Some chemotherapy medications can also be administered orally; however, this is uncommon with the majority of chemotherapies used today.  As such, hair fall is indispensable after the effect of chemotherapy. And to make the patient feel comfortable, it is essential to introduce them to chemo sleep hats to improve their confidence.

Help in Regulating the Temperature

They help keep your head warm on cold days and cool on warm days. Along with keeping the head dry and comfortable throughout the treatment, they also act as a barrier between your head and any pillowcases or hats that can become wet from sweat. As such, a chemo sleep hat can help keep you comfortable if you’re experiencing exhaustion while receiving cancer treatment.

Prevent Irritation in the Scalp 

They avoid scalp irritation, a common adverse effect of chemotherapy or cancer treatment for many individuals. The chemo caps can add a layer of goodness between the pillow and scalp. This way, you can feel at ease using your pillowcases and bed linen because the hats are made to be soft like a cushion. Hence, you can be confident that the caps will help with chemotherapy’s side effects.

Hopefully, this will serve as enough information to buy the most comfortable chemo sleep hat. Also, make sure you recommend this to cancer patients for them to feel a little relaxed in their challenging journey.