A dental implant is defined as an artificial tooth root (made of titanium) that is designed to support future restorations of the teeth, such as crowns.

If you have lost a permanent tooth or teeth, you may need a dental implant. Titanium dental implants completely fusees into bone, creating a solid foundation for your future dental restoration. Dental implants should not be confused with crowns, which attach to the implants and take the look of natural teeth. The implant crown recreates the original tooth in shape, size, and strength.


Digital implant surgery is an advanced technique that uses a 3D computer simulation to check the bone condition and nerve position. With this information, the dentist will be able to plan surgery with minimal incisions to occur. Since digital implant surgery focuses on making less amount of incisions possible so that there is significantly less pain compared to traditional implant surgery.

Minimum incision surgery is the process aims that patients should only have to go through minimal incisions in order to decrease their pain, discomfort, and healing time. This means making small enough incisions for the dental implants so that you won’t need stitches.

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  • Requires Surgery: The placement of artificial teeth root in the mouth is done through surgery. It has more health complications.
  • Replacement: If you do not take care of your artificial roots. They may require replacement which can be costly.
  • Bone loss: You may lose a part of the bone around the implant. It may also require a replacement if the bone loss is too much.
  • More healing time: A dental implant is a lengthy process and it requires a lot of time to heal from the surgery.
  • Chances of failing: There is also a risk of having an unsuccessful dental transplant. It is not successful every time. 


  • Short procedure: As it is a computerized process, it takes less time to complete as compared to the traditional dental transplant.
  • Fewer injuries: Due to its accuracy, it has less chances of injuries and infections to occur.
  • Comfortable: With advanced techniques of anesthesia the pain is less. There is also no need for extra stitches and fewer chances of injuries occurance.
  • Fast recovery: As there are no incisions and stitches, that is why it has a fast recovery time as compared to traditional implants. 
  • Efficient results: With the use of 3D computers it is easy to perform the complete implant at the same time without placing first and then restoring it. All the process is done at once.

Now, I hope this would have cleared your concept of the differences between traditional dental implants and digital implants. If you want to have a dental implant, you can choose the type of procedure for yourself keeping in mind the above discussion.


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