Harley Laser Specialists

Harley Laser Specialists

Licensed by Westminster council

The Harley laser specialists are licensed by the Westminster council and offer the most up-to-date laser hair removal treatments. They also offer facials, skin tightening, collagen induction therapy, and body sculpting. Owner Donlyn Holland has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years.

As a London-based laser clinic, Harley Laser Specialists is located on Harley Street, a famous street for both its medical and cosmetic industries. The practice is licensed by the Westminster council and CQC. However, the CQC has now de-scoped the registration of laser treatment facilities.

The Westminster clinic is staffed with a certified laser safety officer, Johnny Trzaska. He uses ReSmooth technology to treat different skin types. His services are safe and effective. Other laser services offered by the clinic include skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, body contouring, and nail fungus treatment.

Previously with the healthcare commission

The Joint Commission on Health Care’s first meeting of 2019 was held on April 27. The commission elected new leadership and discussed its plans for the remainder of the calendar year. Senator George Barker was named chairman, succeeding Delegate Patrick Hope, while Delegate Robert Orrock was named vice-chairman.

theharleylaserspecialists.com is a non-departmental public body that promotes quality and safety in the health system. It sets standards for health services in England and coordinates organizations that regulate and inspect healthcare bodies. Its role is to improve the quality of independent healthcare and the NHS in England and Wales. In Wales, the Healthcare Commission’s role was supplemented by the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales.

Its work focuses on implementing more effective performance measures for clinicians and implementing local targets and quality indicators. In addition, the commission will continue its work to promote health improvement through its annual health check.

Beauty therapist or laser technician for Harley street clinic

If you are interested in becoming a beauty therapist or laser technician at a Harley street clinic, there is a position available. The salon offers a range of aesthetic treatments including hair removal and skin tightening. There are also positions available in customer service and sales. To apply, you need to have a relevant beauty background.

The Joint Commission on Medical services’ most memorable gathering of 2019 was hung on April 27. The commission chose new administration and talked about its arrangements until the end of the scheduled year. Representative George Barker was named executive, succeeding Agent Patrick Trust, while Representative Robert Orrock was named bad habit administrator.

The Medical Services Commission is a non-departmental public body that advances quality and well-being in the well-being framework. It sets norms for well-being administrations in Britain and directions associations that manage and examine medical care bodies. Its job is to work on the nature of free medical care and the NHS in Britain and Grains. In Ribs, the Medical Services Commission’s job was enhanced by the Medical care Inspectorate Grains.


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