How Do You Make a Valentine’s Day Special?

Valentine’s Day

More Than Just Chocolates

Okay, going the traditional Valentine’s Day route has its place, and we’ll explore that shortly. That said, it’s always worthwhile to think outside the box of chocolates; even if you only put a spin on something traditional. So we’ll explore several alternatives of that variety here to help you think of something truly special this Valentine’s Day

1. A Traditional Romantic Move

There’s always room for chocolates, a romantic date somewhere special to you and your special someone, a few gifts of jewelry or other things, and fine dining.

The truth is, even if you want to make every Valentine’s Day special, you’ve got a life to live, so does the person you love. You’re both treading water in the river of life, and there’s not always time to go all out. Accordingly, if you can’t do something out of the box this year, make Valentine’s Day special by simply making the best of whatever your situation is.

2. Time is the Key, Whatever You Do

Whether you do something absolutely unique or traditional, you want to spend time together. Don’t just drop off a box of chocolates with a note and a peck on the cheek. Be intentional about spending the day together, or maybe even a few days. If you can get away for a weekend, that’s worth doing.

3. Deliberately Commemorate The Event: Photos, Etc.

Especially if you do something “outside the box”, be sure to capture videos and pictures of the two of you celebrating your love. These are records of your relationship that you’ll remember for years to come. When you can look at those videos or those pictures, you’ll be drawn back to the moments you shared when they were captured. That itself is special.

4. Lean Into the Element of Surprise

This is more for guys trying to impress girls than the other way around, though that can work, too. The thing is, guys tend to be less amenable toward surprises. Not all guys. If your man loves a surprise, by all means, surprise him on Valentine’s Day; especially if it’s the sort of surprise you know he’ll love.

That said, you’re probably going to do a little better if you surprise your lady. Maybe do a romantic scavenger hunt that starts with a card delivered to her place of work, and leads to consecutive gifts as she follows your Valentine’s Day “bread crumbs” if you will. If you can think of a good surprise, Valentine’s Day might be the time to try it.

A Valentine’s Day You’ll Both Cherish For Years to Come

The element of surprise, deliberately commemorating the time you spend together, being intentional about spending time together, and simply doing traditional Valentine’s Day activities are all ways to celebrate your romance this year. Just because you’re doing something traditional doesn’t mean it’s unique.

After all, there are no other couples in the world precisely like you. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy one another’s company and make memories. If you can do that, this Valentine’s Day will be a “win” for sure.


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