How To Equip A Comfortable Toilet For The Disabled And The Elderly

How To Equip A Comfortable Toilet For The Disabled And The Elderly

A toilet for the disabled and the elderly should be supplemented with various auxiliary equipment that facilitates the management of natural needs. How to refurbish a toilet? What do you need to install additionally? What are the recommended features?

Restroom requirements

Before proceeding with the selection of sanitary equipment and accessories for the washroom, it is important to determine what requirements must be met to ensure comfort and increase safety. These requirements include:

  1. the shape and size of the bathroom. For ease of use, it is recommended to make a toilet room in the shape of a rectangle. Square rooms and rooms of a more complex configuration do not allow you to comfortably accommodate all the necessary equipment. According to SP 59.13330.2016, the room should have the following dimensions:
  • Width not less than 1.65 m;
  • Length – 2.2 m;

If a combined bathroom is being prepared, then the minimum disabled toilet dimensions are 2.2×2.2 m.

  1. Minimum door width – 0.9 m;
  2. If possible, there should also be free space inside the room, having a diameter of 1.8 m, necessary for turning the wheelchair;
  3. If the floor of the toilet room and the floor of the corridor are located at different levels, then a ramp is arranged;
  4. Room doors should open outward. In this case, the locking handle should be located at the optimal height for the disabled person

The main parameter of the toilet room

  1. the floor of the room should not be slippery. If a mat is applied, it must be clearly fixed.


The toilet chair is considered a special device that often comes into contact with the microbial environment, so one of the most important points of its operation is regular hygienic treatment of the product. First of all, immediately after using the toilet chair, all its contents must be disposed of , and the surface of the sanitary chair should be treated weekly. For this purpose, the toilet chair should be placed under a hot shower for a few minutes. If there is no shower, then immerse it in a hot bath.

Toilet chair should be washed regularly

After a shower, the chair must be carefully treated with a special disinfectant solution. To prepare it, mix 50 ml of white vinegar with 3 liters of water in one bowl. Dampen a rag or brush in the prepared solution and wipe all parts of the structure. After cleaning, the chair should be put under a hot shower again for 3-5 minutes. As soon as the remaining water drains from the product, wipe it dry and additionally treat it with a disinfectant. For this purpose, it is better to use a spray.

In the presence of malfunctions, further operation of the product is contraindicated. The chair-chair must be taken to the service for repair, and if it was made by hand, to strengthen the structure and eliminate all malfunctions. If nothing can be fixed, then you need to make the same chair again. It is not recommended to repair a store product on your own.


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