Indian and Pakistani style clothing


India as well as Pakistan is two countries that share a border and both share the same traditions and cultures. There are common traditions between both countries, as well as the same fashions of clothing. In the realm of fashion, many items are shared between these two countries. In particular, the attire is similar, and both wear kameez and shalwar. For Pakistan, shalwarkameez is the dress of the nation. In India this is the top popular attire for both women and men. If you are from Pakistan or India you can expect the style to be very similar. But, we want to examine some of the major distinctions in Indian and Pakistani style of clothing and fashion. This is why we have compiled the complete guide!

Long frock dresses

The most commonly worn items found among the most common items Indian and ready made Pakistani clothes UK are that of the shalwarkameez, which is sometimes referred to by the name salwarkameez. The people of both countries wear often. The difference is that Indian females are more likely to wear sarees which is the most common attire among women. Also, western clothes have been more popular in India as compared to Pakistan. While they share many similarities some differences are also present. Pakistani women’s clothes are influenced by their religion. They keep their faith in check when they pick their Pakistani clothes UK.

Shalwarkameez suit

In addition, for special occasions like weddings, holy days, and other celebrations, the selection of attire differs between Pakistan in Pakistan and India. This difference is more often among women than men. Both sides of the spectrum wear shalwar kameez and an overcoat. However women in Pakistan usually wear maxi dresses, while Indian women wear saree. In these instances the attire of women differs however, not so much among males. In Pakistan there is a preference for the shalwar. There are also certain colors commonly used by Indian men, such as yellow, red and green. Pakistani men favor blue, white, and black color.

Different styles

The designs and styles differ when discussing the shalwarkameez. In India the majority of people wear pajamas instead of a salwar. In Pakistan the majority of people wear the shalwar. There are also some colors that are typically used by Indian men like yellow, red, and green, while Pakistani men are more drawn to black, white, and blue colors. In the main of the time, Pakistani and Indian fashion and attire is very identical. However, there are some small differences and they are often due to differences in religion. In general sense, the selection of clothes is very identical in these two countries sharing borders!

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