Gujarat vidyapeeth to invite Governor of Gujarat Acharya Devvrat



Gujarat Vidyapeeth is a university founded in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi. The university is situated in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat. The reason for its foundation is to promote the objective of swaraj (self-rule), swadeshi (self-sufficiency), and satyagraha (nonviolent opposition).

The university has a long history of promoting education for social change and contributed to various social movements in India. University’s main founding principle was to make education available for all, regardless of someone’s social or economic background.

Acharya Devvrat is the current Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapeeth. He has been an Indian politician and Governor of Gujarat from July 22, 2019, to the present. Devvrat has a long and remarkable political career and has worked for the Indian government in many ways. As Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s Chancellor, he will manage the university’s operations and ensure Mahatma Gandhi’s envisioned principles are followed.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s History

On October 18, 1920, Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth to educate everyone and contribute to the liberation of the Indians. The university was founded during the Indian freedom battle and played an important role in the country’s independence struggle.

Mahatma Gandhi envisioned a university that would be different from the traditional universities of India, which were largely focused on producing clerks for the British administration. He pictured Gujarat Vidyapeeth as an institution promoting Swaraj, swadeshi, and Satyagraha values and contributing to building an independent and self-sufficient India.

The university’s curriculum was designed to include subjects relevant to the Indian masses, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, and khadi (handspun cloth) production. The emphasis was on practical education to help develop the country’s rural areas.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth became a hub of activity during the Indian freedom struggle, and many of its students and faculty members actively participated in the movement. The institution was the focal point for several social reform groups, including anti-untouchability and women’s rights movements.

Gujarat Vidyapith provides higher education in India and is known for contributing to the country’s development. They are focused on research and innovation and are committed to promoting education relevant to society’s needs.

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Acharya Devvrat’s contributions in different sectors:

Acharya Devvrat is an Indian politician, current;y appointed as a governor of Gujrat and a former Governor of Himachal Pradesh and born in a middle-class family on January 18, 1959, in Samalkha, Punjab. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Kurukshetra University in 1979. After that, he again completed his Bachelor of Education in 1980 from Kurukshetra University. After completing his education, Acharya Devvrat started his career as a school teacher in Haryana. He joined RSS and became an active member of the organization.

He started his political career in 1988 by joining BJP. In 2010, Acharya Devvrat was appointed the Principal of the Gurukul Kurukshetra, a residential school for boys in Haryana. He served here till 2015 before being appointed as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh.

As the Governor of Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Devvrat worked to promote education, health, and rural development in the state. He started several projects and programs to enhance education and skill development for the youth.

Acharya Devvrat has also been involved in various social and cultural organizations and has contributed to promoting Indian culture and values. He has been associated with organizations such as the Vedic Shiksha Kendra and the Kalgidhar Trust.

In recognition of his contributions, Acharya Devvrat has received several awards and honors, including the National Citizen Award in 2010 and the Padma Shri in 2019.

Acharya Devvrat to Serve as Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith

Acharya Devvrat, former Governor of Himachal Pradesh, has been invited to serve as the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith. The decision to invite Acharya Devvrat was taken during the university’s Executive Committee meeting.

If Acharya Devvrat accepts the invitation, he is expected to bring his vast experience in education to Gujarat Vidyapith. The university, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, strongly promotes education and social upliftment based on His principles.

As Chancellor, Acharya Devvrat would be important in shaping Gujarat Vidyapith’s future. As in charge of the university, he would advise and direct the administration, faculty, and students. His educational background and commitment to social concerns will likely help the institution achieve its objectives.

It remains to be seen whether Acharya Devvrat will accept the invitation to serve as Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith. It will benefit the university’s development and education system if he does.


After the possible appointment of Acharya Devvrat as the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, there is a sense of anticipation and hope for the future of Indian education. The selection of a Chancellor with significant educational expertise and a commitment to social concerns is expected to be a positive step for the university.

If Acharya Devvrat accepts the invitation to serve as Chancellor, his leadership will significantly impact Gujarat Vidyapith’s prospects. He would be important in shaping the university’s direction and advising administration, professors, and students. His focus on quality education and social welfare is expected to benefit the university and help it achieve its goals.

The visit of Acharya Devvrat and the possibility of his appointment as Chancellor highlights the continued importance of education and social upliftment in India. It also emphasizes the significance of preserving Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and beliefs in modern Indian education.

Overall, the potential appointment of Acharya Devvrat as the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith is a positive step towards improving the quality and accessibility of education in India. It is an opportunity to build on the strong legacy of Gujarat Vidyapith and promote education and social welfare in line with Gandhian principles.


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