Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Tricks to Make Yours Look Bigger Than It Is


A small bathroom can be charming. A small bathroom is not a bonus room that serves no other purpose than hand-washing before dinner. What do you do with clean towels? How about hooks to hang wet towels? How much space can you give for a bath or shower? A small bathroom can still be elegant and simple, but with plenty of personalities. Do not let limited space limit your ability to live largely!

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Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Hang a Mirror Gallery Wall

This collection of vintage mirrors from a Boston home, designed by Cecilia Casagrande, is not only charming but also offers a great solution for small spaces. The mirrors allow sunlight to penetrate every corner of the room. The homeowner made the eclectic collection cohesive by painting them all Farrow & Ball Pitch Black. Wallcovering: Ms. Ward from Grow House Grow.

Get a Compact Tub

Delia Kenza, a Brooklyn designer, describes the small bathroom that she renovated for clients. She removed the bathtub surround that was wasting valuable inches and installed a Signature Hardware tub on an elevated platform.

Choose Graphic Accents

This bathroom was designed by Atelier ND and built into the side of a tub. The towel warmer, which takes up very little space, serves two purposes: storage and coziness.

Enter the Entrance

The star of HGTV Alison Victoria decided not to add any doors to the bathroom that is located just off her main bedroom in her Atlanta loft. She instead installed a solid bronze doorframe made from an old elevator and matched the gilt theme with an ombre Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, hand-painted in 24-karat Gold.

Install the Vanity

This small bathroom, located in a cool Seattle treehouse, was designed by Andy Beers, Ore Studios. It features a deep red paint color, fun floor tiles, and a modern pendant. The large drawers beneath the floating vanity help to keep everything tidy and maximize every inch of space.

Install a toilet seat

On a more serious note, it is entirely possible to install a toilet, or even a bathroom, anywhere in your home. Many homeowners have had their dream bathroom plans dashed in the past because the location was simply too far away from the main drain.

Hidden in the Bathroom With a Jib Door

Michelle L. Morby is the proud owner of this powder room from Landed Interiors & Home. “I watched a lot of period pieces murder mysteries and I knew that I wanted a hidden door,” she says. Hidden behind Murphy Doors, no matter how small, any room will be the most exciting in your house.

Replacing Swinging Doors

“Everything feels kind of candlelit,” says Jae Joo, the designer of this Boston home. The powder room is no exception. The powder room is no exception. Ambient lighting emits a soft glow, while wood finishes emit warmth. The green floral wallpaper adds life to the space. Installing pocket doors at the closet enclosure or entrance can save a lot of space in a small bathroom.If possible, place thetoilet seat facing an open wall or door rather than a fixture. In general, this will provide enough clearance space in front of the toilet. Aim for a 30-inch front clearance space for the toilet in other bathrooms.

A Skylight for a Small Bathroom

If your bathroom is small and doesn’t have enough wall space, how about installing a skylight instead? Studio Diaa chose a Crystalite skylight, which not only floods the space but also provides privacy.

Hang art vertically

Andrew Brown, the bathroom designer behind this small, but beautiful bathroom design says that he wanted it to feel luxurious. Brown shows that a high-end look doesn’t require a large canvas. He uses bold gold features and rich textures as well as a variety of patterns.