The Truth Behind A Real Human Hair Wig

real human hair wigs

The interest in a real human hair wig has come to attention with its popularity in the fashion industry. They are becoming increasingly popular among people who desire a natural, fashionable look without the damage caused by excessive heat styling or chemical treatments. However, much misinformation about real human hair wigs must be addressed before buying one.

Understanding The Origin

Firstly, it’s important to note that real human hair wigs come from various sources. Many people think that a real human hair wig is made from the scalp or donated hair, but this is not always true. The truth is that real human hair wigs can be made from any type of natural human hair: Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Philippines, and more.

Secondly, the quality of real human hair wigs varies from source to source. Some wigs are made from higher quality, long-lasting hair than others, meaning that some wig sources may be more expensive due to the better quality of their raw materials. Additionally, some wig companies use a combination of different hair types to create a unique look. It’s essential to research the origin of your wig before making a purchase.

The Manufacturing Process

Real human hair wigs are generally made in one of two ways: machine-made or hand-tied. Hand-tied wigs are considered the highest quality and most natural looking, while machine-made wigs are usually less expensive but may only last for a short time or look as natural. Hand-tied wigs are made by tying individual strands of hair onto a base fabric, while sewing strands makes machine-made wigs onto a base fabric.

Human Hair Wig Vs. Synthetic Hair Wig

When shopping for a wig, it’s important to know the difference between a real human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig. Synthetic wigs are made from plastic fiber that is not as strong or resilient as human hair. They can look great when first purchased but may begin to unravel after regular washing and styling, while real human hair wigs will last for years if cared for properly. Additionally, real human hair wigs are much more versatile and can be styled and colored with professional dyes to create unique looks.

Lastly, it’s ideal to remember that real human hair wigs require more maintenance than synthetic wigs. A real human hair wig can last for years with proper care, making it an investment in your beauty routine. However, the effort is worth it for those who want a long-lasting and natural look.

By understanding the origin, manufacturing process, and the difference between a real human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig, you can make an informed decision when shopping for your perfect look.

Maintenance of Real Human Hair Wig

Real human hair wigs require special care and maintenance to keep them looking like new. High-quality wigs are generally made with careful attention to detail, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for the wig. Washing your wig correctly is essential; using a mild shampoo and conditioning product can help prevent damage and keep your wig looking healthy. Additionally, avoiding excessive heat styling and using protective products on your hair will help maintain the quality of your wig in the long run.

Are There Any Adverse Effects of A Real Human Hair Wig?

Real human hair wigs are usually safe to use and do not cause any adverse effects on the scalp. However, if you’re allergic to certain chemicals or fabrics used in wig production, you may find that wearing a wig can irritate. Additionally, taking proper care of your wig is vital to prevent damage and keep it looking its best.

Choosing An Original Real Human Hair Wig

When shopping for a natural human hair wig, it’s essential to research the origin of the hair and the manufacturing process used. The quality of the wig will depend on both factors, so make sure to choose a reputable supplier that uses only high-grade materials and employs experienced wig-makers. Additionally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper care and maintenance of your wig to keep it looking its best.

Adding Extensions

Some people opt to add extensions to their real human hair wig to give it a fuller look. Hair extensions are available in many styles and textures so that you can customize your look depending on the occasion. Adding extensions is generally not advised for those with thinning or fine hair, as it can strain the scalp and cause hair breakage.

Adding Value to Your Wig

There are many ways to accessorize your real human hair wig to make it stand out and create a unique look. Styling products, curls, braids, clip-in bangs, and accessories are great ways to customize your look. Additionally, you can add value to your wig by investing in professional dye products and cutting services. This will help keep your wig looking its best and last longer. And using stocking wig cap to help install a human hair wig for a natural look.

FAQs Related to Human Hair Wig

How Can You Tell if A Human Hair Wig is Real?

The best way to tell if a human hair wig is natural or synthetic is by feel. Real human hair wigs will feel smoother and softer than synthetic wigs and more resilient when styled. Additionally, you can look at the cuticles of the hairs; natural hair has intact cuticles, while synthetic fibers have been stripped of their cuticles.

How Long Does A Human Hair Wig Last?

A natural human hair wig can last for years, depending on how it is cared for. Also, depending on how often you wear the wig, it will typically last between six months to two years. Additionally, you can extend the life of your wig by using protective products and avoiding excessive heat styling.

Are Human Wigs Actually Human Hair?

Human hair wigs are indeed made from real human hair. They have been carefully selected to meet specific quality standards and are crafted into a wig. It is important to note that not all human hair wigs are created equal, so it’s essential to do your research before purchasing one.

Feel Real

A Real Human hair wig offers a natural look and versatility that synthetic wigs can’t match. They can last for years with the necessary care, making them an investment in your beauty routine. It’d be great to research the origin of the hair for a lasting wig. Nothing is stopping you from creating a look that’s entirely yours. So go ahead and make your mark with a natural human hair wig!


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