The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Signature Look

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Signature Look

Commanding the attention of an audience is everything. Humans are visual and your style makes more of an impression than your speech. 

In the corporate and business world, your style is your brand. You must invest in your signature look to make your mark. It does not matter if you prefer a casual or official look. Your look must be a presence and a brand. You can look unique and elegant even when donning personalized large tote bags. 

A bag is such a crucial part of your look. It helps you carry all the essentials and completes your fashion statement. A bag that accommodates all your belongings without making you look frumpy is a blessing. 

Tote bags are big enough to carry your essentials, but in the past could have been more exciting. Neoprene totes changed the narrative, as they are fashionable, functional, and classy. Piecing up a look using unnatural fashion trends that mean everything to you is tricky. 

Yet, elegant dressing is an art that should exude comfort and grace. Bossing it in fashion means owning the look and the pace for others to copy.

This article has fashion tips in helping you find your signature look and developing your own style. We will discuss how to make your wardrobe your brand by making a statement with each outfit. 

In the end, you will pair neoprene tote bags with each outfit like a boss. I bet you are excited already, so let’s start!

How to Find Your Fashion Voice?

Have you ever wondered how fashion trends come about? Who makes the rules about what is fashionable and what is not? Why can you not pair certain cuts, colors, or outfits? 

Sometimes the rules do not make sense. Yet, it seems the entire world has to follow the fashion trend. 

Funny, though, is the fact that no one has to stick with the world’s perception of fashion. Finding your voice in fashion means creating your fashion standards. People make their signature looks when they step out of fashion norms. 

These people pair their aesthetic preferences with their unique personalities. The good news is that you can have a fashion voice too. 

Here are a few guidelines for finding your signature look:

Find Yourself

Finding your voice in fashion can be lonesome, and you may have just yourself for company. So, the first step to finding your fashion voice is finding yourself. 

Next, you must know your personality and preferences. These are essential in branding as they merge with your fashion choices to bring your signature look to life. 

Not everyone can pull off piercing neoprene totes with corporate clothes. And if you have chosen a neoprene crossbody bag as your style, you may get weird stares in the streets. So, you must be bold enough to pull off your style until it becomes statement fashion.

Have Fashion Mentors

There are always people before you that have made their mark in the fashion world. These people are often bold, elegant, and all that you want to be. 

Most often, they have been your idols from childhood. These fashion gods have relatable fashion styles and unconventional personalized brands. 

In your journey to earning your fashion voice, you must have such people as mentors. They may not have the most popular crossbody bags as part of their brands. Yet, you can learn from these fashion lords how to own your style and find your fashion voice.

Prepare Ahead for Criticism

The world operates like a well-oiled machine. It has its rules and does not take to those who break these rules or create new paths. So, prepare for harsh criticism when trying to find your voice in fashion. 

It will be foolhardy to expect everyone to fall in love with your choice of pairing totes with a classy dress. It would not matter if you don an original neoprene tote bag or carry neoprene bags camo. 

Critics will still latch onto your fashion choices. You must be confident enough in your style to be resilient. If you prepare well ahead for criticism, critics will not faze you.

Prepare to Spend on Your Fashion Style

Most fashion enthusiasts make a list of fashion trends they love. This is crucial if you want to find your voice in fashion. Making a list helps you eliminate what does not work for you. 

It also allows you to piece outfits together in your head. But, of course, when you plan these outfits, you must be willing to buy them. Becoming a voice in the fashion industry may not be cheap, but the result is well worth it! 

You must be willing to experiment with several outfits and eliminate what does not work for you. Have fun in the process of developing your style. Enjoy all the phases of developing your fashion voice.

Place Your Comfort as a Priority

It is easy to be confident when you are comfortable in your skin and style. So, when choosing an outfit and its accessories, you must prioritize your comfort. For example, it would help to feel good in your clothes and exude elegance when carrying a neoprene tote bag. 

You will draw more attention to yourself when you carry yourself elegantly. People can see through you when you are pretentious. They can tell when you are masking yourself through your style. 

This defeats the aim of finding a fashion voice as you repel the crowd. But, even with the simplest of neoprene handbags, you can draw your audience’s attention. You are an enigma when you are comfortable and confident. The key to finding your fashion voice is aiming for comfort and elegant confidence.


People who have signature looks are often people who do not settle for fashion norms. Instead, they are comfortable in their style and exude confidence. Yet, these fashion moguls must have struggled before they became a brand.

So, it is normal to have some downturns before finding your fashion voice. Prioritize your style and brand above the discouragements that may plague you. 

You must also prepare to meet with naysayers as you build your brand. The key is focus and be resilient. It would be best to remember to build your brand around your comfort and personality. 


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