Types Of Tummy Control Swimwear You Have To Try

tummy control

You must have tried a lot of different swimsuits over the years. Some would be great, some would be bad, and some just wouldn’t fit your body type. In this article, you will be told about four types of tummy control swimwear that will help you get the most out of your time in the water: a bikini with a belt; a high-waisted bikini; boy shorts or briefs; and a swimsuit.

Bikini with a belt

Bikini with a belt. Bikinis with power mesh backs or tummy control bottoms are the best option for tummy control. This is because they pull in your waist and give you a nice silhouette. But, if you don’t want to show off so much skin, then try choosing a top that’s longer than your bottom—it’ll provide even more support! 

You can wear this bikini any time of year and won’t have to worry about the weather conditions because it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside; this type of swimsuit will keep your body feeling comfortable all day long.


Swimsuits are the most popular and versatile of all the tummy control swimwear available. Swimsuits can be worn at any time of year, on land or in water, making them a good option for those who like to mix up their activities. They’re also more functional than other types of tummy-control swimwear because they allow you to move freely and perform more physical activities with less restriction.

Tummy-control swimsuits tend to be more comfortable than other options as well because they have looser material around the waistline that prevents rubbing against your skin while you’re moving around in it. This makes them ideal for people who want to feel free while still being able to wear something that covers up certain areas of their bodies (like their stomachs).

High waist bikini

A high-waist bikini will keep your tummy in and flat, along with keeping it toned. It does this by holding the fabric of the top tightly against your body so that no loose material can slip over to cover up your tummy.

This style of swimwear is perfect for women who want their tummies covered but are not quite ready for a full-length tankini or longline swimsuit yet.

Boy shorts

Bikini bottoms, or “boy shorts” as they are commonly referred to, are a type of underwear made from stretchy material. They are a good choice for tummy control and can be worn with swimsuits or bikinis. 

They can also be worn under skirts and dresses if you prefer to have your tummy covered up when wearing clothes that reveal more skin than boy shorts do.

Briefs fall into the same category as boy shorts; however, briefs tend to be longer than boy shorts and often come up higher on the thigh so that they don’t show when worn under other garments like skirts or dresses. Briefs may also include elastic in their design which helps keep them from riding up in the crotch area. 

Here you have been given a bit of a taste of the different types of tummy control swimwear that are available on the market. There are many different styles and fabrics to choose from, so let’s hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search.