When Should You Practice Pranayama?

You Practice Pranayama

You must be well-acquainted with the term, ‘Pranayama’, if you are into yoga. But, if you are new to this, you can gain some insight here. It is nothing but a form of breathing, where you are consciously manipulating the breath. Pranayama is a set of breathing practices under yoga. No matter, which form of yoga you do, you need to practice breathing. These are a set of techniques, which require you to sit in a meditative pose. The yoga teacher training in goa will be just perfect for you if you want to learn more in detail about Pranayama. 

There are various ideas of Pranayama circulating around the realm. Some yogis say that, you should practice it before yoga asanas, whereas others say that you should practice it after asanas. According to the ancient sages, breath retention is an important part of Pranayama. If you are eager to develop your yoga practice, then you should keep reading. 

Ancient Knowledge Says – Pranayama Must Be Done After Asanas 

All the ancient theories surrounding asanas say that you must practice it after asanas. The main idea behind this is that you start with the physical activities and then move on towards the subtle activities. However, that does not mean, that you have to perfect your poses or asanas before moving into breathing. It only points towards the fact, that you should combine these techniques and then practice. The yoga teacher training in goa can help you to understand some of these subtle aspects of Pranayama. 

You must understand in this context that Pranayama acts on a much deeper level than asanas. If your body is strong and well-built, then only you can start with higher levels of practice. Moreover, you can also add Satkarma Kriyas first and then do breathing practice. It will further help to elevate your practice. Truly speaking, if you want to master Pranayama, you must practice for many years. However, once you start doing it right, a whole new world or cosmos will open up in front of you. That is why, you should always take guidance from an expert. An expert teacher can tell you how to begin inhalation, exhalation, and other nuances. Breath retention is another important thing that you need to do, in this practice. In order to retain the breath, you have to make sure that your mind is in control. When you have been doing yoga asanas for a while, you can quickly navigate into that space. 

Calming The Mind – Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

The best yoga experts await your visit at the World Peace Yoga School in Goa. There you will learn how to tame your mind. The breath is a reflection of what goes inside your mind. If you are worried and distracted, it reflects in your breathing. When you are relaxed, your breath is also slow. With the help of asana practice, you can enter a relaxed state of mind. When you are relaxed, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated. This leads to a drop in the heart rate and also slows down metabolism. 

When you are in a relaxed state of mind, you will likely use less oxygen. This makes it easy for you, to hold your breath. 

Other Attributes OF Pranayama

  • Establish Focus in Nadi Shodhana 

In the course of the yoga teacher training in goa, you will learn the nuances of practices like Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. It is seen as a form of meditation by various individuals. Slow asana practice is great for creating the stance. Relaxation poses are the most important in this realm. Apart from establishing focus, you need to make certain practices a part of your life. 

  • Easing Digestive Capabilities 

One of the most important things in this context is your eating habits. In Hatha Yoga Scriptures, it has been repeatedly mentioned, to eat at least 4 hours before yoga practice. As your body is lighter at about that time, it is easier for you to concentrate on Pranayama practice. 

Can Pranayama Before Asana Practice Help?

Pranayama does not have any huge impact on asana practice. However, you can always do some light techniques. Light breath retention can also be practiced. You can bring the calmness into your space. True Pranayama practice has the power to transport you into a tranquil state. The best teachers at the yoga school will tell you why some teachers lay stress on Pranayama before asanas, despite it yielding less results. 

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