Themes for College Dorm Party That Aren’t Horrible

college dorm party

Are you getting embarrassed to wear the little black dress to another college dorm party? And, on your pregame playlist, would you find yourself pressing “skip” more often? That’s happened to all of us. What if I told you that with only a little bit of brainpower, you could effortlessly cure your boredom? We’re talking about theme parties, obviously.

Now that the world is finally opening again (thank you, vaccinations! ), it’s important to think about next semester’s preparations. After all, you only go to college once, and you’ll crave it when you’re old like me. Under no circumstances, though, should you casually throw a toga party and call it a day. We’re all better than that now, right?

To make things easier for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of great collage Dorm party themes, ranging from simple to, uh, creatively challenging, and everything in between. Oh, and there are definitely ‘fit ideas in here as well. Continue reading, ya party beast!

1. New Year’s Eve Party

Party like it’s 1999 by channelling your inner child. Sorry for the cheesiness, but college dorm party theme is sure to satisfy. Who doesn’t enjoy a good dose of nostalgia? And what about inflatable furniture? I’m just about to sit down and listen to the Lizzie McGuire movie soundtrack.

2. Pajama Get-Together

This is a classic! Take it up a notch from your childhood pyjama parties by donning something that is a little fancy and sexier (if you’re into that). Plus, when you get home, all you have to do is collapse into bed. Yes, yes, yes!

3. Any Clothes Get-Together

This theme’s name says it all: you must wear anything other than actual clothes. You might be thinking about what that really means. I’m not sure because it’s completely up to you, however here are some ideas for your incredibly intelligent and creative mind. This is something you can handle.

4. Party for the Royal Wedding

What about the style? Such an honour! What a love story! What a sight! Why not organize your own royal wedding? If you project the real-life footage from Meg and Harry’s wedding, you’ll get bonus points.

5. ’80s Get-Together’

You’re welcome to get in this theme as it’s the simplest theme here. All you have to do now is dress up in bright colours, listen to Whitney Houston or Bruce Springsteen, and perform your finest jazzercise workout.

6. The Masquerade Party

Remember how exciting the masquerade ball episode of Gossip Girl was? Yeah, you’re welcome to your own night without the cheating and sneaking about. We’re going all out, so tell your visitors to put on their best masks and open some bubbly.

7. Have a Zoom Party

You knew it was coming, but it’s finally time to let her loose in the real world. You can handle any awkward party circumstance with your trusty laptop and blue light spectacles. Simply turn up our viral hits playlist, open that bottle of wine, and brag about your FYP.

9. Reality TV Watching Party

There’s something for everyone here, no matter who your favourite Housewife is or whether you think the Miami seasons of Jersey Shore were better (you’re right). Oh, and all night long, I defy you to ask each and every guest if they’re “here for the right reasons.”

10. Celebrations in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This winter favourite has a simple dress code: Simply put on the ugliest holiday sweater you can find and award the best (or, worst?) dressed at the end of the night! I’m not against hosting this party in the midst of summer, though. You make your own decisions.

11. Mary-Kate and Ashley are the Queens of the Party. 

Legends. Icons. The only #GirlBosses who really matter. Dress up as characters from their favourite Mary-Kate and Ashley movie (see out those Winning London-esque bucket hats) or classic NYU street style costumes. You’re aware of the vibes.

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