transparent heels

Growing up, like a lot of humans my age, I coveted Cinderella’s glass heels. Screw the impracticality of a glass shoe; my young-brained self assumed she would grow up, fall in love and clear shoes would be involved. Flash forward two decades later and there’s still something super alluring about a glass shoe — and I don’t mean the vinyl Kardashian/Jenner/Yeezy variety. (I do not understand how you can wear these without socks??? Where does the foot sweat go??????) I’m talking lucite heels.

From mules to block-heel booties, lucite heels have popped up on just about every style imaginable. They’ll even match your perfectly curated, minimalist Instagram-ready beauty stash. 

These gorgeous nude clear high heels combine comfort with style with a 4-inch block heel and an open-toe design, which allow you to maneuver about your day with confidence. This pair of heels feature an elastic heel strap with an adjustable buckle and a lightly padded insole for comfort. The versatile nude color means this pair of stylish, minimalist sandals can be paired with any color outfit and will travel effortlessly from an office day to a shopping trip to a date night or special occasion.


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